Timothy Hanson

1340 West 3rd St #120, Yuma Arizona 85364

(928) 329-8634



The name 'femhansa' stems from the Norwegian 'five hansons'. Since there are five of us brothers, all with special artistic talents, the name "femhansa artists" is an accurate family description. Ya sure, we are norsk!!

Timothy Hanson has been working with metal for over 20 years. He went into independent jewelry design in 1989 and has been steadily building his design catalog since. With the advent of the www., he started his website in the mid 90s. Since then Tim has also been learning HTML and small object photography. However, his true talent is individually hand crafting jewelry, using American made materials, in his shop.

Being a small independent goldsmith, Tim specializes in fine, custom designed, gold jewelry pieces which are unique, one of a kind, works of art. He is able to focus on each client personally. Many of Tim's pieces were designed for individuals looking for personalized works. 'AAA' graded colored stones are used which he hand selects in his travels.