Mission Statement

Our group works to preserve and promote the hand making of arts and crafts. Whether producing fine art, folk art, hand crafted or hand- made items, all persons, regardless of age, sex, nationality or religious preference, are encouraged to share, demonstrate, and promote their skills. All mediums and genres are encouraged. 
We work with the Yuma County Fair to sponsor, promote and provide workers who help with the "Open Crafts and Hobbies Division" as well as the "Student Art Division". These divisions supply an outlet for local people to display and share their skills. 

History of the Yuma Potpourri Artists

In 1975 some members of the painters group, The Desert Artists became interested in finding a location to sell their paintings. It was decided that an organization to hold art shows would be formed.
Thus, the Yuma Potpourri Artists was formed. The purpose of the new organization was to hold art shows where the members could show and sell their art. The initial members were painters, potters, and jewelers. The organization itself was to be non profit.
The first shows were held in conjunction with the Yuma Fine Arts Association. Each year they held a white elephant sale at the Library lawn to raise funds for their group. At the same time the Yuma County Library would hold a used book sale. This show was held the first week in December. This established the Yuma County Library as the primary group supported by the organization.
Over the years additional shows have been held on the library lawn, Southgate Mall, big curve, and the Yuma County Fair Grounds.  
Events at a glance 2018/2019 season
Date     Event Time
          Sale Events
    12/7-9/ 2018
Christmas Fairgrounds Show
Sunday hours 10am-3pm
Winter Fairgrounds Show
Sunday hours 10am-3pm 
Roadrunner Dance Hall
274 S Main 
 AmVets of Yuma 
 8887 E. South Frontage Rd
Roadrunner Dance Hall
274 S Main
  Members, Please see Activity Schedule for list of all social, business, and community events. 

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